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How do I access an Echo LiveStream?

Staff and Students will both access EchoCenter in the same way; although, as discussed, depending on roles within Echo, what they see will be different. When a Live Streaming request is received, it will be enabled by the CloudDeakin team. The appropriate Faculty or School team will then create a link to the EchoCenter within the CloudDeakin content area (see the three steps below).

access live stream

CloudDeakin site with EchoCentre recordings circled

Step 1 – Access the EchoCenter:

1.1 Login to CloudDeakin
1.2 Enter your unit or course site
1.3 Navigate to, and click on the appropriate EchoCenter link (Refer to the sample in the image above).

Step 2 – Determine the default view (Student or Presenter view):

2.1 Login to CloudDeakin
2.2 Enter your unit or course site and click on the appropriate EchoCenter link.
2.3 At the top right you will see a settings icon that resembles a cog Live Streaming Setting
2.4 If you do not see the cog (this can occur in Internet Explorer), you may need to try a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox.
2.5 If Presenter Tools option is selected in the section titled 'Live', you will enter the LiveStream in Presenter view. Uncheck this option to enter the LiveStream in Student view.

accss live stream

Accessing presenter view within the EchoCentre

Step 3 – Enter the LiveStream

3.1 Return to EchoCenter (see image above)
3.2 The Join Live Event Now button shown in the image below

3.3 Click the Playbutton to launch the EchoPlayer.

If in Presenter view you should see Monitoring and Capture Control buttons, along with the other Apps listed on the right side of the screen. If you are not seeing the Monitoring and Capture Control buttons on your screen, you are not configured as or are not Instructor for this section or someone else has already logged in with Presenter view.
The image below shows the default Presenter view of a LiveStream. The chat window occupies the main portion of the window. Presenter tools appear to the right.

live stream chat

LiveStream presenter view

The Apps buttons shown will include:

At the bottom of the screen the Presenter Tools toolbar contains:

    • Presence, Monitoring, Capture Control – these appear only in LiveStreams.
    • Info, Help – these appear for Echoes and LiveStreams.
    • A timer, showing how long you have been logged in to the webcast
    • Buttons that allow you to show or hide the chat window or the Apps buttons
    • A "screen reset" button that reverts the screen to the original configuration, showing both the chat window and the Apps buttons

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