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How do I navigate within the EchoCentre Page?

If you linked to all the recordings for the unit, the link will open the EchoCenter for teaching staff.

Students have a different view of the EchoCentre to teaching staff. Students will see their bookmarks in place of the recording statistics.

The EchoCenter for teaching staff allows you to:

  1. Access all the audio and visual recordings for your unit.
  2. View course statistics by trend or by week. Hover over the bars in the graph for more information.
  3. Discussions are currently disabled. Encourage students to use discussions within your CloudDeakin unit site.
  4. View analytics to help you gauge how many students are viewing your Echo recordings, the cumulative views and the average completion rate for all your students viewing this echo recording.
  5. Use the heat map to find out what is most interesting to your students. This is determined by the number of views per segment and the notes generated in a segment by your students. Hover over or click on a section of the heat map to find out more information.
  6. Access information about the recording or your personal bookmarks.
  7. Stream an Echo recording using the EchoPlayer.


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