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What is a MoCoW and what is it used for?

A MoCoW is a Mobile Computer on Wheels - they are also known as Mobile Collaborative Workstations.

What are they made up of?

  • A Standard Deakin computer for presentation or collaboration within smaller groups
  • A Large 55” LED screen
  • Mounted on a high quality trolley

What can they do?

The primary purpose of a MoCoW is to enable classroom collaboration between the teacher and students as well as amongst student groups.

  • Allow groups of students to work together on class assignments and problem-based activities
  • BYOD laptops can connect directly to the local display for work group collaboration and presentation
  • Display a mirror image of the teaching computer in high definition

A MoCoW can use the following collaboration tools:

Where are they?

MoCoWs are only available by booking a room that already has one in it (with the exception of some areas that have their own).

To find out which rooms have a MoCoW:

  1. Open the IT Facilities in Deakin spaces page (requires Deakin login):
  2. Select feature: MoCOW
  3. Select condition: (>) Greater than
  4. Qty: 0
  5. Click Search

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