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How do I create a submission for a new ServiceNow Knowledge Base article?

This article is referring to the IT Help knowledge base within ServiceNow.
  1. Within ServiceNow, navigate to the Knowledge Base Application.
  2. Under the Submissions heading, click Create New Submission.

    create new submission
  3. Populate the fields:
    • Knowledge Base: Select the IT Help knowledge base.
    • Content owner: The group containing the Subject Matter Experts, and who will maintain the content.
    • Topic: This will classify the article under a specific topic.
    • Valid to: The date that the article will expire, and therefore be no longer visible in the KB.
    • Assignment Group: Your work group.
    • Assigned to: Yourself.
    • Watson checkbox: This will allow Watson to ingest the KB article, which is recommended for all public facing articles.
  4. Complete the Short description (this is title of the article).
  5. The Text area is where the article is written - see the ServiceNow Knowledge Base Style Guide for some tips on how to add images, videos and links to your KB article.
  6. Add any work notes for your team or the reviewer/publisher - these are not visible to the public, and are the same as the work notes on an Incident or Request within ServiceNow.
  7. Set the next step (status) to Submit for review.
    • If you would like a peer review within your group or have a Knowledge Publisher in your area - you can assign it to that person.
    • Otherwise, assign to the Service Desk, DeS group.
  8. Click Submit - The Submission will now be in the ServiceNow queue of the Assignment group you selected.

I have created a Submission for my own team to peer review, where do I find it?

If you have assigned the Submission to your own work group, you can simply find it under My Group > My Group's Work within the ServiceNow application.

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