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Changes to daily recipient limits for email (Outgoing emails limited to 10,000 recipients per day)

The limits on the number of individual recipients for outgoing (external to Deakin) emails will be reduced, as follows:

  • External email recipients now limited to 10,000 per day (per sender).

If you currently send emails with a large number of recipients, you may be impacted by this change. If the number of recipients you send to within a single 24-hour period exceeds the limit of 10,000, your account will be locked for a 24 hour period and your messages will be quarantined.

The purpose of these limits is to ensure that Deakin mail services are never used for transmitting SPAM. If you have a legitimate need to email large numbers of recipients, a mailing service such as MailChimp is a cost-effective, purpose-built alternative.

For further information, please contact the IT Service Desk.


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