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Microsoft Office 2013: locating missing templates and changing their location


These instructions apply to Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013 and Publisher 2013.

On new versions of Office 2013 applications, templates are saved in a new location by default: the Custom Office Templates folder on your home drive.

If your templates are stored on a Faculty or Divisional share: your best option is to update the template location in each of the Office applications, to point to the this location.

If you have templates stored in the default Office 2010 location, or in your own personal folder: your best option is to move your template files to the Custom Office Templates folder.  

Updating the template location

  1. Find the file path where your templates are stored: use Windows to find the folder (the folder will either be located on your Faculty or Divisional file share or in your personal folder).
  2. Click the address bar at the top of the window and copy the file path.
  3. In each Office application, select File > Options, click Save, then paste the file path you just copied into the Default Personal Template Location field.
  4. Open the relevant Office application and try to access your templates.

Moving your template files

  1. Find the new template location for Office 2013: in your home drive (H:), open My Documents > Custom Office Templates.
  2. Determine where your templates from Office 2010 are stored. There are several common locations:
    • A Faculty or Divisional file share.
    • My Documents on your home drive (H:).
    • Other personal or customised file folders. If you can't find your templates, try searching in Windows using the common template file extensions such as '.dotx', '.dot', '.xltx', etc.
  3. Copy your template files across to the new template location from Step 1.
  4. Open the relevant Office application and try to access your templates.

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