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How do I edit my data management plan or description using Deakin Research Data Footprints?

  1. Log in to the Deakin Research Data Footprints application. For assistance with this, please see article - How do I access Deakin Research Data Footprints?
  2. At the Researcher dashboard under Manage, click the Edit plan button located next to the relevant management plan or data description.

    Shows the Researcher dashboard.

    Alternatively, from the Researcher dashboard, you can click on on the title of your plan or description, then click on Edit my plan (or dataset) located under the actions menu.

    Highlights the Actions menu.

  3. You will be guided through the same workflow as when you first created the management plan or data description. Edit the required fields, then click Save and close.
    Please note: Once a dataset (data description) has been submitted it can only be edited by the Library DRO staff.
Tip: When you are editing a Data Management Plan or Data Description, you can exit the form at any stage by using the Save and Close button. The plan or description will be saved as a draft.

For more information on Deakin Research Data, please visit Manage your Research Data.

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