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How do I remove another users access to my Research Data Footprints data plan?

  1. Log in to the Deakin Research Data Footprints application. For assistance with this, please see article - How do I access Deakin Research Data Footprints?

  2. Click on the Set permissions button next to the relevant management plan or dataset (data description).

    Highlights the Set Permissions button.

  3. You will now see the Access permissions screen. The screen shows all users with access to the plan.

    Shows the Access permissions screen.

  4. Click the Delete icon next to the user to remove their access to the plan.

    Highlights the Delete icon.

  5. A dialog box will ask for confirmation. Click OK to proceed.

    Shows the dialogue box.

  6. Click Reload. The user will no longer be visible in the list.

    Highlights the Reload button.


For more information on Deakin Research Data, please visit Manage your Research Data.

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