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Why can't I hear my phone ring in Skype for Business (Lync)? (Windows)

Deakin Staff who have been transitioned to Skype for Business Voice can make and receive phone calls using Skype for Business (formerly called Lync) on their Windows PC.

Note: This feature is only available to staff who have been activated in Skype for Business Voice via Deakin Unplugged. All staff will be progressively activated during 2015/16 - you'll receive email communications and on-site support when your area is due to be switched. For more information, visit

For Mac computers, please see How do I setup my headphones or audio device in Lync? (Mac).

Check the Skype for Business audio device settings

  1. Check that your headphones (or preferred audio device) is securely plugged-in via a USB port on your desktop, laptop or docking station.
  2. Open Skype for Business (Lync).
  3. Click the Settings icon.

  4.  Select Tools > Options.
  5. In the Options panel, select Audio Device.

    audio device

    The Audio Settings panel is shown.
  6. In the Audio Device panel, select your preferred audio device.

    select device from menu
  7. Use the audio controls to adjust volume levels.
  8. Adjust your secondary ringer settings to make sure your PC speaker rings as well as your headset.

    select secondary ringer 

    If the Secondary Ring settings are disabled, your PC speaker may currently be disabled in your PC Sound Settings (see below).
  9. Click OK to save.

Check the Skype for Business ringtone settings

  1. In the Options panel, select Ringtones and Sounds.

  2. Adjust your ringtone sound settings.


Check your PC sound settings

  1. On your PC, select Start > Control Panel.
  2. Select Sound.
  3. Select the Playback tab.
    Your PC speakers should be listed as a playback device.

  4. Select your PC speakers from the list, then click Properties.

  5. Raise the volume level of your PC speakers on the Level tab, then click OK to save.


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