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Deakin corporate mobile - Return a device and SIM card

Corporate mobile communication devices, including SIM cards & accessories, must be returned:

  • If you are leaving the University
  • If you are leaving a position in which you were approved for a corporate mobile communication device

The mobile device, including SIM card and accessories, must be returned to the mobile phone contact in each organisational area.

At its discretion, the University may also require a staff member to return a corporate mobile communication device where the staff member is on paid or unpaid leave in excess of 6 weeks.

  1. Return the corporate mobile phone, including the SIM card and any accessories that were supplied with it, to the mobile phone contact in your organisational area.
  2. The Mobile phone contact needs to determine:
    • If the device is no longer required - contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk to cancel the connection. The organisational area should keep the physical device for future reassignment.
    • If the phone is still required and to be reassigned to a new staff member - advise eSolutions IT Service Desk of the new user's name and of any account code changes that may be required.

Staff wishing to take their corporate phone number with them upon departure, can do so with written approval from their area. The approval must be sent to eSolutions IT Service Desk and the appropriate paperwork will be sent to you to transfer off the plan and into a personal name. You must complete this transfer off the account the day before you exit the University.

Outstanding costs

Organisational areas will be responsible for any charges incurred as a result of non-return of mobile devices in their area.

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