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Deakin corporate mobile - Ordering a SIM Card/Connection

For Deakin corporate mobile communications devices only.

  • Orders are for new connections, and can only be completed by your areas mobile contact.
  • Blank SIM cards are to be collected from the IT Service Desk agent before requesting the connection.

Order a Mobile Phone Connection

  • Order a new connection - If you already have a mobile phone but no mobile service, you can get a plan by ordering a new number (SIM card). You must collect your SIM card before submitting your order.
  • Transfer an existing connection - If you have an existing mobile phone and number you can transfer it onto the Deakin University Corporate Mobile Plan, even if it is from another service provider. This allows you to retain the same phone number. 

There are no fees to transfer to the plan but your current provider may charge you to transfer from them (referred to as 'porting'), particularly if you are on a contract.

What is the process?

  1. Collect the right size SIM card for your handset from the IT Service Desk Agent, located in the library on each campus.
  2. Print and complete the required forms below if you are transferring a number across

          3. Complete the Order a new connection or Transfer an existing connection email form. Ensure you attach all required documents to this email form when transferring a number across.

          4. You will then be advised via email that the phone service has been connected to the Deakin University Corporate Mobile Plan.

Order a Tablet Connection

  1. Complete the Tablet connection order form.

The service, including any purchase, installation or ongoing usage costs, will be billed to the staff members organisational area monthly.


The links to email forms in the section above did not work

The links to Order new connection and Transfer existing connection forms in the section above will only work if you have Microsoft Outlook running on a Windows-based computer.

If you are unable to raise a request, please contact the Service Desk on x888 or 1800 463 888.

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