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How do I set my advanced ring settings in Skype for Business (Lync)? (Windows)

You can set more advanced Sound settings of Skype for Business (Lync) to control the behaviour of the sound and ringer for different types of calls.

To access the advanced sound settings

  1. Open Skype for Business.
  2. Click the Settings icon (or dropdown and select Tools > Options).
    settings icon

    The Options window is shown. This is where you can set your preferred options for Skype for Business.
  3. Select the Ringtones and Sounds options.
    ringtones and sounds
  4. Select Sound Settings to open your PC sound settings.
    sound settings

    Your PC sound settings are shown.
  5. On the Sounds tab, scroll down to display the Lync sound settings.
    sounds tab

To prevent a ring-tone sounding for a second call

You may prefer to prevent the ringer sounding when a second call comes in while you are currently on a Skype for Business call. 

  1. In the Sounds tab under the Lync sounds, select the Second Incoming Call event.
    second incoming call
  2. Select None from the Sounds dropdown to suppress sound for this event.
     none from the dropdown menu
  3. Click OK to save the sound settings.

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