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How to create an Outlook 2013 archive (Windows)

Note: archiving email using Outlook 2013 on a Deakin Desktop managed computer is disabled due to Deakin policy. eSolutions can create an archive file for you via the Export Exchange Mailbox web form (please note that the web form is now only available to Deakin Staff, as Student email has now been migrated to Office 365). 

To archive your own mail you can:

Use Outlook on a non-Deakin computer

The enforced policy restricting archiving in Outlook does not cover non-Deakin machines. The feature to archive mail will be available, and you can drag and drop emails to local archives or use the inbuilt auto-archive tool.

Copy individual email from Outlook

  1. Highlight the email(s) you wish to store. Right-click, and select Copy.
    • To select all email within a folder, highlight the first email, then press Ctrl + A.
    • To select multiple individual emails, hold down the Ctrl key and click each email you wish to select.
  2. Open a folder where you wish to store the email.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the folder and select Paste.
  4. Go to the original location of the email you copied and delete any that are no longer required.

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