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How do I create a data management plan using Deakin Research Data Footprints?

  1. Log in to the Deakin Research Data Footprints application. For assistance with this, please see the article - How do I access Deakin Research Data Footprints?
  2. At the Researcher dashboard, under the Options menu, click Create a data management plan.

    Highlights the Create a data management plan option.
  3. You will now be presented with the data management plan workflow. Follow through the guided process. Mandatory fields are marked with an (*).

    Tip: You can click on the Shows the Help icon. button for suggestions on the information that should be entered into each field.

    Highlights the help button.
  4. You can Save and close at any point throughout the workflow and return later to complete the plan. Once you have completed your plan, click Save and close.

    Highlights the Save and close button.
For more information on Deakin Research Data, please visit Manage your Research Data.

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