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How do I edit a document using Office 365 on a Windows tablet?

  1. Connect to your Deakin OneDrive.
  2. Open OneDrive.

    Shows the OneDrive icon.
  3. Tap the document you wish to edit.

    Highlights an example document.
  4. The document will automatically open in the relevant Office 2013 application (Word, Excel etc). If you don't have a licensed version of Office 2013 installed, Office 365 will open in a web browser. You can log in and use the web version of the applications and features.
  5. When prompted, enter your Deakin email address.
    • Staff -
    • Student -

    Shows the Sign in page.
  6.  Once editing is complete, tap theSave icon. icon. The document will be saved back to your Deakin OneDrive.

Additional Information: The save icon with the circle of arrows indicates that the document has been opened from within OneDrive.

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