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Sending mass email to Deakin students and staff

Mass email is a tool that can be used to facilitate effective communication to specific cohorts of Deakin students and staff. Executive approval is required.

Mass email from Executive areas

Your Executive Office can send mass emails to students and staff on behalf of their area. Please refer to the Organisational Chart to confirm the executive in your area.

Mass email from Research area

Deakin research students conducting human research projects can use the mass email service. Approvals from both the Deakin Research Supervisor and the Ethics Committee are required.

Warning: The exact email content must be sighted and approved by the Ethics Committee. Any alterations to the wording of the approved email will not be accepted.

Daily limits to external recipients

The limit on the number of individual recipients for outgoing (external to Deakin) email is now 10,000 per day (per sender). If the number of recipients you send to within a single 24-hour period exceeds the limit of 10,000, your account will be locked for a 24 hour period and your messages will be quarantined.


  1. Mass emails have a size restriction of 200kB (emails less than or equal to 200kB in size can be sent). This avoids large numbers of large emails being sent.
  2. The mass email can be text and graphics, and formatted any way you want, e.g. as HTML, but the message must not exceed 200kB.
  3. The mass email can have attachments, but the total message, plus attachments must not exceed 200kB.

Any additional queries in relation to the mass email process should be directed to the IT Service Desk.

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