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How do I remote connect to off-campus computers?


  • A Deakin Desktop workstation
  • Dameware Central Server Client Support license for Dameware version 11.1 and above.


What is Dameware Internet Proxy?

Dameware Internet Proxy ensures that a Deakin Desktop computer outside of the Deakin University network will be able to join an Internet session and get support from computers within the Deakin University network.

Who can use it?

Deakin support staff who are licensed to use the DameWare software tools to remotely manage Deakin workstations.

How does it work?

Dameware Internet Proxy assumes a customers workstation is a Deakin Desktop managed workstation and is located outside of our network. The session is initiated by support staff and an email invitation is sent to the customer who then initiates a shared session using the email invitation link.

Is a VPN connection required?

No. We have a dedicated Dameware Remote Support server that tunnels through the firewall and connects the on and off-campus computers.

Establishing the connection

  1. Open the DameWare Mini Remote Control application (All Programs > SolarWinds > DameWare Mini Remote Control).
  2. When the remote control console is open, click Connect to server.
  3. From the console task bar select Internet Session;
    or if you already have the console open go to File > Internet Session.

    Internet session
  4. Click on Create Session.

    Create session
  5. Click on the E-mail details tab - the software will open your default mail client with the connect details.
  6. Enter the email address in the To: field and select send.
    Alternatively if the email client doesn't appear - you can select copy the details to the clipboard and manually open an email and paste in the details.
  7. Ask your customer to click on the link, they will be presented with either of the following dialogs;
    (The link should look like this: https://dame-proxy-b1/dwnl/?3640144718)
    • Firefox - click on Dameware products in the dialog and select Remember my choice for DWRC links - click OK.

      firefox dameware products
    • Internet Explorer - leave all as default and click Allow.

      internet explorer allow
  8. The customer may receive the following certificate screen - ask them to check the box Don't ask me again for connections to this computer and click Yes.

    certificate screen
  9. The customer will be prompted one more time to connect, ask them to click Accept.

  10. You will now be connected and ready to perform remote support - disconnect your session as per normal.



Support notes

  • Users who are behind a proxy service external to the Deakin network will not be able to join an Internet Session
  • Speed limitations may apply depending on the end users network capability
  • It is possible to connect to users who do not have the Mini Remote Control client agent installed. Click on the Internet Session link, it will allow the download of an Internet Session agent

    (This is not currently recommended due to the many computer configurations that can be found out in the real world. This can be used in special cases where the support personnel think it is warranted due to the customers situation - If your're not sure, ask your team leader for advice)
  • Non-Deakin Desktop machines may encounter website security errors when attempting to download the Internet Session agent. After ensuring that the link is from Deakin, they can follow the instructions in this Microsoft KB article to resolve
  • Depending on their web browser, the customer may be prompted to allow the website to run the DameWare product.

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