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Email message too large - error message received

The instructions below should be used if you receive the following error message when trying to send an email with a large attachment:

'The file you're attaching is bigger than the server allows. Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.'

Ideally, you should stop sending large file attachments via email because:

  • It's more efficient to store the file in an accessible location.
  • It allows for version control - e.g. everyone will access one file, instead of everyone having their own copy of the file.

When sharing files internally with other Deakin users:

  • Store files in shared file spaces (i.e. Faculty or Divisional shares) - email the location of the file.
  • Store files in a Faculty or Divisional wiki space and set sharing permissions to provide access for specific users or groups as required - email a link to the file.
  • Store files using OneDrive which can then be shared to allow users or groups access as required.
  • The Deakin Research Data Repository provides storage and sharing of research data files.
  • Store large research data files online using the free AARNET CloudStor+ service.
  • Try Sizable Send, an alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive that is designed specifically for email.

When sharing files outside Deakin:

  • For secure transfer of files online, including large files, use the free AARNET CloudStor+ service.
  • Where privacy and security allows, use cloud storage options such as Sizable Send, DropBox or Google Drive.

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