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How do I sign-in and sign-out of a Shared Line in Skype for Business (Lync)?

A Skype for Business (Lync) Shared Line lets nominated staff members answer phone calls to a central number, such as a helpline or information line. eSolutions configure the Shared Line and assign an administrator and nominated staff. Staff can sign-in to the Group when "on-duty" to answer incoming calls to the Group number, and sign-out when "off-duty"

Calls to the Group will only ring on your computer if you are signed-in to the Group. You can either stay signed in all the time, or sign-in and sign-out as needed.

Access the Skype Shared Lines webpage

the shared lines page


  1. Visit the webpage at

    A webpage will open in your web browser that lets you sign-in to or sign-out of any of the shared lines you are assigned to.
  2. Book mark the web page in your browser.

when on-duty

  1. Access the Skype Shared Lines sign-in webpage.
  2. To sign-in, slide the bar against the selected name to show Signed In.

    show Signed In

    Calls to the Shared Line will now ring on your computer.

Sign-out when off duty

  1. Access the Skype Shared Lines sign-in webpage.
  2. To sign-out, slide the bar against the selected name to show Signed Out.

    show Signed Out

    Calls to the Shared Line will no longer ring on your computer until you sign-in. You can also sign-in another member if necessary.

Update your call forwarding settings

  1. Access the Skype Shared Lines sign-in webpage.
  2. Click the Settings icon.

    Settings icon

    The settings window will open, allowing you to adjust your call forwarding settings.

    settings window
  3. To adjust the settings for when to forward calls, slide the bar under Forward Type.
  4. To adjust the settings for where to forward calls, slide the bar under Forward To.
  5. Click Save changes.

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