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How do I handle multiple incoming calls with Skype for Business? (Windows)

Skype for Business allows you to handle several incoming calls at the same time, or you may receive a second call when already in a call.

To accept one of several incoming calls

  1. When multiple call 'pop-ups' appear at the same time, choose your first priority and click Accept to take the call.

    accept call window

    You will be connected to the chosen call. All other calls will be diverted automatically to your voicemail.

  2. Click the End Call icon to end the call.

To accept a new call when in an existing call:

  1. Advise the current caller that you will place them on hold to take another call.

  2. Click Accept to take the new call.

    accept call window

    The original caller will be automatically placed on hold.

  3. To place the new caller on hold, click the Call Controls icon and then click Hold.

    call control icon

    You will be returned to the original call. You can Hold either call to move between the calls.
  4. Click the End Call icon to end the call and return to the other caller.

    end call icon

To ignore an incoming call when in an existing call:

  1.  When the call 'pop-up' appears, click Ignore.

    ignore button 

    The incoming call will be diverted to your voicemail.

To mute the ringtone on a second call

See: How do I set advanced ring settings in Skype for Business (Lync) - Windows

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