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How to remove answered call messages for a Shared Line in Skype for Business (Lync)

A Skype for Business (Lync) Shared Line lets nominated staff members answer phone calls to a central number, such as a helpline or information line. eSolutions configure the Shared Line and assign an administrator and nominated staff. Staff can sign-in to the Group when "on-duty" to answer incoming calls to the Group number, and sign-out when "off-duty"

By default, email notifications are created for answered and non-answered calls. As most people don't require notifications for answered calls, it is possible to create a new inbox rule to automatically move and delete these email notifications for the shared mailbox.

Access the Skype Shared Lines webpage

  1. Visit the webpage at

    A webpage will open in your web browser that lets you sign-in to or sign-out of any of the shared lines you are assigned to.

    the shared lines page

Update your call forwarding settings

  1. Access the Skype Shared Lines webpage.
  2. Click the Settings icon next to the shared line you wish to change.

    Settings icon

    The settings window will open, allowing you to adjust your call forwarding settings.
  3. Make a note of the target account.

    shared line settings


Open the account in OWA

  1. Open OWA for the account by going to the following URL, but replace USERNAME-HERE with the target account from above:
  2. Go to Options.

    owa options
  3. Select Organize email, then Inbox rules, then click + and select Create a new rule for arriving messages…

    inbox rules window
  4. Click More options…

    new inbox rule window
  5. Select the following values for the new inbox rule.

    new inbox rule
  6. Type Content-Class: voice-uc, then click +, type in Content-Class: missedcall and click + again, then select OK.

    specify words or phrases
  7. Under Do the following, select the following values.

    new inbox rules
  8. Select the folder you would like the messages move to.
  9. Your rule should now look similar to below:

    skype call notifications
  10. Click Save.

Apply a retention policy to the folder to only keep items for a specified time

  1. Go back to OWA:
  2. Right click the folder you selected in the rule, and select Assign policy and choose how long you would like to retain items in this folder.

    retention policy

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