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How to order and install new video conference facilities

How are video conference facilities funded?

Deakin eSolutions (DeS) is centrally funded to provide video conference facilities in Deakin's teaching spaces and meeting rooms. Prioritisation of new facilities is made in accordance with internal planning documents. For administrative and faculty-controlled spaces, DeS can install and maintain video conferencing equipment, but the requesting area must contribute significantly to the costs involved in doing so.

Do I need to contact DeS before a new room is fitted out?

Yes. In order to effectively support the video conferencing service, DeS endeavours to use the same type of equipment in the same type of facility. This provides a natural experience, wherever you are at Deakin. If your area wishes to install new video conference facilities, it is imperative that you consult DeS during the initial design stages (for a new space) or at the planning stages (for a retrofitting). It is more difficult to install facilities after a room is built.

What is the life expectancy of video conferencing equipment?

All video conferencing equipment has an estimated life expectancy, and DeS will support equipment up until the estimated end of life of the equipment. The requesting area should plan ahead and budget for replacement at the end of life period. Most video conferencing equipment has a life expectancy of four to five years.

What should I consider before ordering video conferencing equipment?

  • Before ordering video conferencing equipment, ask yourself:
    • How will my area use this equipment?
    • Is the cost of this equipment justified by the benefits that will flow from it?
    • Do I have a suitable space in which the unit can be installed? Note: DeS often receives requests towards the end of the year from areas seeking to dispose of 'surplus' funds, and we discourage this type of purchasing. Investing in video conferencing equipment should be driven by reducing costs and increasing productivity. 
  • All orders for video conferencing equipment should be initiated via the IT Service Desk.
  • Prior to ordering video conferencing equipment, DeS will undertake an audit of the room into which equipment will be placed. The audit determines if there is sufficient space, a network point, and general power outlet (GPO) for a video conference. If the room is not suitable (for instance, it is a wet area or the layout is not suited for video conferencing), DeS will advise what needs to be done to modify the room, or will work with you to identify a suitable room. DeS will not install video conference equipment at a location that is not suitable. 
  • DeS prefers to house video conference units on a fixed stand, to reduce movement of the equipment and to reduce any occupational health and safety issues arising from moving large video conferencing units. 
  • Please allow four to six weeks for delivery of video conferencing equipment. If you have 'surplus funds' at the end of the year, orders for units need to be received by DeS by early November in order to be purchased from current year funds.
  • Video conferencing equipment—due to its costs—must be purchased from a capital account (rather than an operational account). DeS cannot proceed with the order unless the account code provided has an activity in the range of 00001 - 09999 and the fund source is 04 (eg: 4431.00643.8723.04.01).
If you have further questions, please contact us via the IT Service Desk.

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