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Who can publish a Knowledge Base article in ServiceNow?

A Knowledge Publisher can review and publish a submission for new article or an update to an existing article.



The IT Help Knowledge Base

If your area doesn't have a publisher, simply assign the submission to the "Service Desk, Des" queue.

The Knowledge Publishers for IT Help articles are:

Team / Area Content this area can publish Publishers
Service Desk All eSolutions, CloudDeakin and SIPU  
  • Hayley Grey
  • Matt Johansson
  • Daley Matthies
AV & Networking  AV & Networking
  • Murray Plowman 
Channels & Platforms Channels & Platforms
  • Cheryl Page
  • Chao Li
  • Iestyn Polley
Desktop Infrastructure Engineer  Desktop Infrastructure Engineer
  • Michael Arthur
Learning Environments, DLF Learning Environments, DLF
  • Kathryn Perus
  • Sintie Cheng
  • Tuyen Seephonexai
Program Management Office Program Management Office
  • John Smart
Process and Performance All eSolutions, CloudDeakin and SIPU
  • Stephen Holmes
Vendor Management Vendor Management
  • Alison Mckenzie
  • Danielle Faulkner        


The Student Services Network Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Publishers for Student Services Network articles are:

Team / Area  Content this team can publish Publishers
Student Services Network  All Student Services Network  
  • Phu Catania 
  • Hannah Bowman
  • Andrea Fyfe
  • Geethika Perera
  • Erin Peterson
  • Anish Sathyan        

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