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How do I request access to software and install via the Software Store?

The Software Store makes it easy for you to find, request and download software for your Deakin PC.

How do I request software?

  1. Follow the shortcut to the Software Store in your Start Menu, or visit the software store in your web browser.
  2. To see the software already approved for download to your PC, click Available Software in the side panel.

    The main panel will show the software available for you to request.
  3. To search for specific software, type in the Search box in the side panel.

    The main panel will show all software that matches your search terms
  4. Click Add on the software you wish to request.

    The software will be added to your Cart (there is no charge for Deakin software)
  5. Click Checkout.
  6. To enter details of your software request, click View.

  7. Complete the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk) making sure to include a clear justification of why you need access to the software.
  8. Click Submit.

Note: Some software requests may require approval from your manager and/or the application owner - the Software Store will manage the approval process automatically and advise you of the result via email.

What if my request is not approved?

If your request is not approved by either your manager or the application owner, you can discuss this with them and resubmit your request with more detailed justification.

How do I install the software?

Once your request is approved, the software will become available in your Software Catalogue for download in the usual way. The software should be available within 2 hours of the approval.

To install the software:

  1. Under your Start Menu, select the Software Catalogue (Software Centre on Windows 10)
  2. Search for the Software you want to install
  3. Click Install and follow the installation instructions

How do I request software that is not in the Store?

If there is software that you need for your work that is not already available in the Software Store, you can request software that is not in the Software Store.

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