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How do I review and approve a software request via the Software Store?

The Software Store allows Deakin staff to request software for download and installation on a Deakin staff PC computer. Requests for software may require approval from a manager and/or an application owner.

Managers may be required to approve software requests for their direct reports. Software requests can be approved if there is a clear business need relevant to the team members' day-to-day role.

Nominated application owners may be required to approve software requests for the applications they are assigned to. Some applications have a nominated application owner or group of owners who have authority to approve requests for that application. Only one application owner needs to approve a request. If the requestor is not in your area, you can ignore the request.

How do I review a software request?

When you are required to approve a software request, you will receive an email notification from the Software Store.

When you receive an Approval Notification email:

  1. Click the Manage tasks link in the email.

    You will be taken to the My Tasks page in the Software Store. This page shows all approval tasks that require your attention.
  2. To see the details of a request, click View.

  3. Review the information provided by the requestor under Request Information.

How do I approve a software request?

Requests can be approved if there is a valid business need for the software.

Note: If you are an application owner, you only need to review and approve requests for staff in your area. If you are not from the same area as the requestor, you can ignore the request.

  1. Select Yes to approve the request.
  2. Enter any relevant comments in the Manager/Owner Comments field.

  3. Click Save.

How do I reject a software request?

If you have reason to believe the requestor does not need the software, you can reject the request. If you reject a request, you must provide the reason and your name so that the staff member can contact you if they wish to justify and resubmit their request.

  1. Select No to reject the request.
  2. Enter your full name and the reason for rejection in the Manager/Owner Comments field.

  3. Click Save.

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