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How do I embed a DeakinAir video into a ServiceNow Knowledge Base article?

The aim of this guide is to demonstrate how to embed a DeakinAir video within a Knowledge Base article.


You will need an embed code from a DeakinAir video. Embed codes can be obtained from video that has been uploaded into CloudDeakin or MediaSpace.

The video embed code should be copied to your clipboard (Ctrl+C).

Refer to More Information below for details on how to obtain embed codes from DeakinAir videos.


  1. While editing your Knowledge Base article, click on the 'Source Code' icon located in the header of the edit window. This will open the source code editor window.
  2. In the source code editor, locate the section of the article where you want to place your video.
  3. Paste your video embed code directly into the source code.
  4. Click Ok. The source code editor will close and your article will now revert back to edit mode. You will now be able to see a placeholder within your article that shows where your video will be displayed. It will appear similar to the example below.

  5. Click on the preview icon Preview Icon to preview your changes. You will be able to see the placeholder for the video, however the video will not play back in preview mode. It can be played once the article is published.
  6. Click Save or Save & Exit to save your updates to the Knowledge Base article.
  7. When your article is published, it will now contain DeakinAir embedded video that users can play, as per the example below.









More information

For creating video embed codes, please refer to the Knowledge Base articles:

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