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How do I securely connect to Deakin off-site using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Android devices)?

Install the Cisco AnyConnect software

  1. Launch the Google Play store. Search for Cisco AnyConnect and install the application. Before tapping Install, make sure that Cisco Systems is the app publisher.

    screenshot of app in Google Play
  2. Open Cisco AnyConnect.

    app icon

  3. Tap OK when prompted with these messages.

    screenshot of app terms

    screenshot of app prompt
  4. When prompted with “Allow AnyConnect to make and manage phone calls”, tap Deny.

    screenshot of app
  5. Tap Connections.

    screenshot of app
  6. Tap Add New VPN Connection.

    screenshot of app
  7. Tap Server Address.
    1. If you’re working from home or from a trusted network, type and tap OK.
    2. If you’re working overseas or from an unknown network (like public Wi-Fi), type and tap OK.

      screenshot of app
  8. Tap Done.

    screenshot of app
  9. Tap < Advanced Preferences to go back to main page.

  10. Tap the on/off tab next to AnyConnect VPN, to turn the VPN on. It will now connect and may take a few moments to do so.

    screenshot of app
  11. You now need to enter your Deakin username and password. If you have not registered for Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO), leave the ‘Second Password’ field blank, then tap Connect. If you have registered for Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO), open the DUO app on your mobile device to obtain a PIN and tap Connect. Or, enter the word ‘PUSH’ in the ‘Second Password’ field and tap Connect, then tap Approve on your mobile device

    screenshot of app
  12. The word ‘Connected’ will appear to let you know your connection has been successful. A key icon in the top left corner of the screen also indicated an active connection.

    screenshot of app

Disconnect the Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) connection

  1. To end your secure connection, tap the on/off tab next to AnyConnect VPN, so it switched to ‘Off’.

    screenshot of app screenshot of app

Additional Notes:

  • Second Password will appear next time as ‘Enter PIN or ‘PUSH”.
  • will appear next time as Deakin VPN Encrypted Internet.
  • will appear next time as Deakin VPN Unencrypted Internet.

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