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Managing Email in OWA (Student) - Filters and Sweeps

This is a two part process. The first part, Filters, will manage incoming emails. The second part Sweeps will manage emails already received. Depending on your situation you may wish to skip creating a filter and solely sweep through current emails.


Creating a Filter in OWA 

    1. Open OWA from DeakinSync , by selecting Mail
    2. In OWA click on the settings cog, then Mail

    3. On the left-hand side pane select Inbox and sweep rules, then the [+] icon

    4. This will open a box. Fill in a logical appropriate condition under 'When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions'. Note if you want to filter by Words in the Subject (a common filter choice) then you must click the [+] icon then [OK] to add these to your filter
    5. Under Do all of the following select Move, copy, or delete > Move the message to folder...

    6. Right click on the Inbox and select Create new subfolder

    7. Type in an appropriate subfolder name such as 'Assignment 1 - Group Work' or 'PASS SIT101' then click OK
    8. Save the filter by clicking the OK icon on the top left 

    9. You’ve now created a filter in OWA. You can change the location of the folder you created by clicking and dragging to a new location in your email folder structure.  You can go back to your inbox by selecting Options.


Creating a Sweep in OWA 

Windows Users

Mac Users

    1. Open OWA from DeakinSync , by selecting Mail
    2. Select one of the emails that you would like to include in your sweep, by clicking on it then select Sweep above it

    3. This will open a dialogue with the default settings of Delete. You may wish to set this to Archive

    4. If you have selected Archive then this will move all of the emails into a folder called Archive. If you selected Delete then this will move all the email into the Deleted Items folder
    5. The Archive folder, and all other sub folders can be rearranged by dragging them to the desired location.

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