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How do I join a Virtual Meeting Point using a video conference unit?

The list of VMP numbers can be found at Deakin Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) Numbers.

Using a Cisco Touch 8 Controller

  1. Select Contacts.

    Highlights the Contacts button.
  2. Select Directory, then Virtual Meeting Points (VMPs).

    Highlights the VMP option within the Directory tab.
  3. Scroll up/down the touch screen to locate the VMP you want to join.
    • Alternatively, you can search for the VMP you want to join. To do this, touch the Search bar to display the keyboard, then scroll through the search results to find the VMP.

    Shows the search window.
  4. Select the VMP. A Call button will appear. Check you’ve selected the VMP and press Call.

Shows the selected VMP and call button.

Using a new Cisco Touch 10 Touch Panel

  1. Select Call

  2. Select Directory

  3. Select the Virtual Meeting Points (VMPs) folder

  4. Search or swipe / scroll to find the VMP you want to connect to

  5. When you make your selection, a Call prompt for the VMP will appear. Select Call to dial

  6. When you are ready to end the call, select End to disconnect

  7. If the Call Control buttons are not visible (for example when you are sharing PC), select the X in the top right hand corner to view the End button

Using a Tandberg Remote (Legacy)

  1. Press the green telephone button on the remote control.

    Highlights the green telelphone button on the remote control.
  2. Press the phone book button to select a site to dial.

    Highlights the Phone book button on the remote control.
  3. Press the up/down arrow keys on the remote control to scroll through the VMP folders, and press OK on the remote control to select.

    Shows the list of VMP folders.
  4. When you have found the required VMP, press OK again to select.

    Shows the list of VMPs.
  5. Press the green telephone button.

    Highlights the green telephone button on the remote control.
  6. Your call will connect like a standard video conference. When you are connected, you will see the other participants on your screen.

    Shows an example of a video conference in action.
  7. If you are the first participant to join the conference, a voice message will let you know. The monitor will also display the following message:

    Shows the sole participant message.
  8. When a new participant joins or leaves the video conference, a beep will sound. The sound is higher-pitched when a participant joins, and lower-pitched when a participant leaves.
  9. Press the red hang up button twice to disconnect the video conference.

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