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Distributing a survey from a Deakin e-mail on a non Deakin REDCap instance

Due to the changes made to our e-mail infrastructure to make it more secure and less susceptible to SPAM and Phishing abuse, you will need to follow the following steps.

  1. Request a new alias for an existing or new mailbox

    For example, if your mailbox is, you will need to request a new alias for that mailbox called or
  2. Use that new alias when sending e-mails from the relevant external REDCap instance

Specific information

Barwon Health REDCap instance

A special e-mail domain must be used, called

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

A special e-mail domain must be used, called

Requesting an e-mail alias

Contact the IT service desk to request an e-mail alias for the Deakin account you will be using.  It is best to be explicit with your request and include the desired alias as shown in the examples above.

In both cases any e-mail sent to the new alias will be received in the new or existing mailbox.

This is similar to Qualtrics and more broadly other external systems like MailChimp.

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