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Duo Mobile & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Set Up

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How do I download and install MFA?

Download the latest version of Duo Mobile via Google Play or Apple Store

To install Duo Mobile and to connect it to your Deakin account, installation instructions can be found here

If your mobile phone is not able to support Duo then please call eSolutions on 1800 463 888 so we can provide you with an alternate MFA method.

What happens if my MFA device is misplaced or stolen?

If your MFA device is misplaced or stolen, contact the IT Service Desk who can provide a Bypass Code that you can use to authenticate yourself. You will need to confirm your identity to the IT Service Desk before a bypass code will be issued.

If you have temporarily misplaced your MFA device or left it at home you can use the provided Bypass Code for the rest of the workday then resume using your regular MFA device the following day.

If you have lost your MFA device it has been stolen you can use the provided Bypass Code to remove your device from your Deakin University account and enrol a new device.

I have a new device, how do I restore Duo on my new device?

Note: before adding Duo to a new device, DO NOT delete Duo from your current mobile device. If your phone is lost or wiped out Duo contact service desk.

What if I cannot, or do not want to use my personal device?

While staff are encouraged to use their personal device for MFA, staff without a compatible smartphone, or who are unwilling to use their personal device, can request a hardware token from the IT Service Desk. The hardware token can be used to generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) which you will need to enter into the login screen when prompted.

If you enrol your personal device after being issued a hardware token you will be requested to return the token so that it can be allocated to another staff member.

Please refer to Duo’s knowledgebase articles detailing which versions of Android and iOS versions are supported by Duo Mobile here:

Can I authenticate with Duo Mobile overseas?

Yes, you can authenticate when you're overseas. The Duo Push requires internet connectivity on your device to function. If your phone doesn't not have internet connection use the Passcode option and type the code generated by your Duo mobile app. Please note that Duo Push can use a Wi-Fi connection to function. If you can access the internet from your mobile device, you can receive push notifications (even if you have an international sim). It’s important to remember that the Duo Mobile application can be used to generate passcodes on airplanes or in remote regions where Duo Push or SMS-delivered passcodes is unavailable.

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