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Connecting to Core-Deakin services remotely (Staff)

Proactive Measures 

1. Ensure to change your password before you start working from home if it is due to be changed (Staff passwords expire every 6 months) 

2. If you have bookmarks/favorites on your browser ensure you are signed in to the browser and the account is synced.

3. Make sure your offline files are up to date by syncing via the Sync Center.   

4. Install any required software in advance.

5. Try establishing a VPN Connection using a mobile hotspot or from home. 

Connecting to the VPN

Connecting to services from home 

Services   VPN Requirement
Callista Required
Access Network drives (Home and Shared drives)  Required  
Software Center / Self install share Required  
Accessing emails    Not Required    
Skype for Business  Not Required 
Zoom Not Required 
Microsoft Teams Not Required 
Confluence (Wiki) Not Required 
ServiceNow  Not Required 
DeakinAir  Not Required  
CloudDeakin  Not Required  
DeakinSync   Not Required  
Blackboard Collaborate  Not Required  
Mediasite  Not Required  
OneDrive  Not Required  
Microsoft Office / Office365 Applications  Not Required  
SharePoint  Not Required  
Apps and Desktop Anywhere (ADA)  Not Required  


Accessing your home drive or shared drives from home

How to map a network drive (Windows)

How to map a network drive (macOS)

Collaborating with other staff/team members 

1. Instant Messaging and Group Chats - Microsoft Teams

2. Audio/Video meetings - Zoom, Microsoft Teams

        - How to get started with Zoom?

3. File collaboration
        - SharePoint

    2. OneDrive

        - How to access OneDrive
        - Sharing Files using OneDrive


Installing software off-campus

 Installing Self Service software on a Deakin Desktop Mac

 Installing software from the Self Install Share


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