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Change your password using the Deakin website

Change your password using the Deakin website

Note: Each time you change your Deakin password, you will also need to update the password for the Deakin services you have on your mobile device(s) (for example email, Wi-Fi).  If you don't update your details, your account may be locked, as your mobile devices will continually try and use your old password. Please close Outlook prior to changing your password for the same reason.
  1. Navigate to the Deakin change password web page.
  2. Enter your Deakin username and current password.
  3. Select whether you would like to choose your own password or use the password generator.
    • If you chose to create your own password, enter it in the new password and confirm password fields.
  4. Click Change password.


The Reset Forgotten Password page is different for domestic and international staff.
International staff do not have the option to complete a password reset via SMS as the password reset tool is only functional with Australian mobile carriers.International staff can instead complete a password reset using an alternate email address. The verification code will be sent to this email address, so it is important that it is already listed in DeakinPeople.

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